Sopcast Help

Sopcast is an old P2P streaming software that can be used on various platforms (Win, Mac and Android) to stream content. Sopcast’s popularity decreased over time, for various reasons, the main reason being the development of AceStream.
We do not recommend the use of Sopcast streams unless it’s a fail-safe. Please note that there is nothing wrong with Sopcast as a software or technology. We simply think AceStream is much better!

How to use Sopcast

Download and install the software. Then, when you click on this site on a Sopcast link, the program will automatically start and load the stream. It’s very simple. Sopcast also has a list of TV channels streamed by default, maybe you can find something interesting there.
Sopcast is a P2P software, like Torrents. Please use a VPN if torrents are illegal in your country.